The Mounted Posse

The Mounted PosseA major benefit to mounted searches is that we are in direct contact with our own surroundings.  We can see better from horseback and hear better than from a noisy vehicle.  Also, our own horses see and hear better than we do, so they can often locate something we don’t see yet.  Horses can go places vehicles won’t or may be restricted from.  Our members are mostly country people who have spent a lot of time outdoors as hunters, hikers, outdoorsmen, and have been trained to survive and help you survive.

Our Mission

The mission of the Gila County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse is to organize and train the members for search and rescue operations, to assist the Sheriff in search and rescue operations when requested, to be public spirited, and to promote good fellowship and the love for good horses.

Our motto and pledge is, “For God and our country: To be loyal and at all times strive to promote our principles, objects and welfare and to participate in uniform as may be established by our leaders in the observance of civic functions; and to bring into closer fellowship the individual members of The Gila county Sheriff’s Mounted Posse.”